Tir na nOg The Soup Dragon

The Magic and Beauty of Tir na nOg

After a productive day of working at this super cute place, we felt like we needed to tell you about it!

Because our split charge relay was having problems and the Scottish sun isn’t enough for our solar panel, we needed to stop at a random cafe on the road. Sometimes this lands us in a Starbucks, but other times, like this occasion, we ended up in the cafe of this magical little centre near Loch Lomond in Scotland.

“Tir na nOg is a Holistic Centre, in a beautiful courtyard setting on the edge of the National Park, just 17 miles north of Glasgow and 20 miles from Stirling.”

Tir na nOg

We parked our van and went to have a look inside the cafe to check that we could charge our laptops and work in there. The first impression was that the place was quirky, but cute!

This place it’s called Tir na nOg, which translates to Land of Eternal Youth,  they have a cafe, shops, holistic businesses and run therapies & workshops.

The cafe we worked in is called The Soup Dragon. It is full of vegetarian and vegan options, the prices are moderate, they have Wi-Fi and the service is excellent.


Tir na nOg The Soup Dragon

One of the shops is Fairy Lands Aromatics. They have different incenses, oils, eco-friendly candles, carriers oils and bases…

We bought a cold-pressed hard shampoo called “Pixie” for £4 and we are in love with it!

Tir na nOg

The other shop is Enchanted Realm, they sell a lot of different crystals, candles, magical supplies, things related to Mythical & Magical Creatures…
I’m not a really mythical/magical person, but I was totally in love with the look of the shop, because they have a tree in the middle that makes it looks amazing.

I think it’s easier to show it than to explain it!

Tir na nOg
Tir na nOg

I almost forgot the mention that they have fairy doors everywhere and that’s so adorable!

Definitely worth a visit if you’re nearby! Let us know if you take a look!

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Tir na nOg

See you soon.

Manu ♥

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