Welcome to The Van Guys Project

Welcome to The Van Guys Project

Who are we and what is our story?

We are David & Manu.

David is from North Wales and I (Manu) am from Spain, We had both moved to Liverpool and we first found each other on Tinder! (I know, I know). After 10 months of spending pretty much every day together, we decided to make my dream a reality (get a van and live in it, travelling around the world) and David’s dream (travelling, visiting and helping out at Buddhist meditation centres around the world).

After some online research and some time following other great Van Life blogs, we started looking for a van. During our first week of searching, all we found were expensive vans or vans with a ton of mileage and problems. Then, we came across Sarah’s van on Gumtree, Sarah was also getting away from 9-5 life and she was going travelling, so she had sell her van as soon as possible. We contacted her, asked some questions and just 5 hours later we were in Nottingham having a look at our future baby, Tara!

Of course, we realised that Tara wasn’t perfect and she needed a lot of work doing before she would be ready – but, taking a test drive was an amazing experience: thinking that this could be our life and it was so close! We didn’t have all the money that we needed for her and we were a little scared to just go for it. We sat in our car for about 30 minutes, throwing back pros and cons, deciding whether to do it or not. We opened the bank app to see what the chances were of getting the last bit of money, it was a scary risk that we were willing to face.
… The bank accepted it! Tara was ours!

What do we do?

We both work online. We run our own freelance business, doing website design, graphic design and online marketing for different clients all over the world. Our company is called DM Media Solutions (If you want to know more about it you can visit our website DMMediaSolutions.co.uk)

Where will we go?

Our objective in a “short time” is to go around Europe, in the near future we will be visiting Scotland, France, Spain and Portugal. We want to see many more places and are really excited about visiting Italy and Norway!

We are starting our route from Liverpool, going first over to North Wales and then making our way up to Scotland.

Our Van

Our van is Tara, we bought Tara in May 2018 in Nottingham. She was called Betty and her previous owner would use her to go to festivals. When we bought her she had units built in; a kitchen, a toilet and an old mattress on the floor.

Do you want to see Tara before and how she looks now? Click here to see the before and after

Objective for the future?

We would like to keep Tara for as long as she will have us. We would like to save up so that we could buy an electric van and convert that. We would probably want to do this over in North America, once we have seen much of Europe.

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